The Urban Re-Generation project is the result of the desire of eight of the most innovative and dynamic businesses operating in the Conca Ternana area of Umbria to develop a common methodology for their actions inspired by the principles of environmental sustainability, urban regeneration and the circular economy and to share the good practices arising from this profound vocation.

Urban Re-generation

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Urban Re-Generation è il progetto che vede coinvolte alcune delle principali imprese del territorio ternano verso obiettivi di Sostenibilità, economica, ambientale e sociale. Il progetto punta alla valorizzazione del territorio in chiave di sviluppo sostenibile, promuovendo una rigenerazione non soltanto legata ad aspetti urbanistici ma all’insieme delle dinamiche produttive e sociali.

In recent years the urban regeneration concept has acquired a meaning and importance which have gradually evolved from a straightforward attention to urban and landscape renovation to promoting and safeguarding an area’s socio-economic, cultural and environmental values.

It is progress directly bound up with the importance of restoring the social and industrial impact of a geographically limited area to a level of environmental sustainability capable of ensuring environmental safeguards and, at the same time, responding to the need for economic growth, technological innovation and employment growth.

These are the conceptual bases underlying the Urban Re-Generation project which brings together businesspeople, local institutions and sector associations working within the Terni and Narni district in an experiment which is the first of its kind in Italy.