The project is based on a Manifesto structured into ten points linked to the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals which firms will sign up to.

1. Green regeneration of firms and the redevelopment of brownfield sites for culture and business purposes.

2. Shared decision making for the purposes of cooperation network creation.

3. Transformation of waste and leftovers into raw materials to be integrated into production cycles.

4. Dissemination of industrial innovation ‘by contagion’ to create a knock-on regeneration effect.

5. Support for culture and creativity as social innovation drivers.

6. Total openness to innovation from a pragmatic perspective and a long term vision.

7. Investment in education and acceptance of the risk margins inherent in development policy.

8. Sharing of all regeneration processes with the community.

9. City network building and integrated local policies.

10. Creation of a new innovative governance framework in which network replaces hierarchy.